Tursujuq national park

Tursujuq national park


An permanent exhibition in the heart of the community.

For the newest member of the Nunavik Parks network, Merlicht developed a bright, immersive and fun-filled exhibition with a visitor route and graphic design concept inspired by Inuit and Cree myths and legends. The welcoming space is meant to serve as a meeting point for local community members.

The scenographic approach appeals to all the senses and triggers a range of emotions: excitement and surprise before entering the immersive nests, fun and laughter climbing onto a sled and expectation and eagerness excavating the ground to unearth mysterious artifacts. Merlicht focused on creating interactive stations on the everyday lives of northern Indigenous communities to foster visual, auditory and sensory immersion. Indeed, the immersive nests are the high point of the exhibition: visitors plunge under water and watch a ringed seal escape from the clutches of a polar bear, soar with Canada geese as they cross the territory and more. While there is much emphasis on the cultures of the local communities in the exhibition’s physical spaces, the historical and scientific content is presented on digital tablets in four languages. During the design phase, Merlicht’s teams collaborated with representatives from local Indigenous communities to propose a concept in line with their respective values.

Turnkey project:

  • Research
  • Script
  • Texts and translation
  • Scenography, 3D design, visual identity and graphic design
  • Illustrations
  • Animations, mechanical and multimedia interactive stations
  • Lighting
  • Printing, manufacturing, delivery and installation.