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More Light!

Our name was inspired from the German expression Mehr Licht!, which means “More light, more knowledge, more clarity, more truth!”

Making knowledge accessible

More light! perfectly epitomizes the scope of the museological, scenographic and exhibition design services we provide. Merlicht aims to make knowledge as accessible, enlightening and entertaining as possible. Through our creative means, we enrich the visitor experience in museums, interpretation centres, protected natural areas, and more.


Merlicht specializes in the design and development of exhibitions and tools that shine a spotlight on collections and messages in different fields: history and archaeology, the environment, technology, art and more.

Exhibitions from A to Z

Merlicht leads small and large-scale exhibition projects, from the direction and research stages to the final installation. Throughout the project development process, Merlicht fosters an approach driven by the synergy between you and the project team. Working in close collaboration with you, Merlicht will bring your vision to life.


T-shirts? Yep!