Halte de la gare

Halte de la gare


The project aimed to create a permanent outdoor interpretive route on railway history in Sainte-Martine and the surrounding area. A number of requirements were taken into consideration:

– Resist frequent acts of vandalism on the unmonitored site

– Factor in the contaminated soil on the site

– Stand out from other stopping points with a strong visual identity and an artistic signature

The route imagined by Merlicht is on a site that covers approximately 1 155 m2 (1242 sq. ft.). Some 30 interpretive tools, including graphic panels with texts and historical photos, quotes etched into ties, railway artifacts and amusing installations, are laid out in a station garden that recalls the site’s historical purpose.

Turnkey project: concept, research, script, texts, copyright release, 2D and 3D design, specifications, landscaping, production, printing, delivery and installation.